guided tour
5 pm
Guided tour by Anne-Claire Schmitz and Sven Augustijnen

Please join us on the occasion of the last day of Le Réduit for a guided tour of the exhibition by artist Sven Augustijnen and curator Anne-Claire Schmitz.

Based entirely on archival materials, Le Réduit by Sven Augustijnen compiles different stories of a highly ambitious project initiated by the Belgian government in Congo in the mid 1950s. Marked by different temporalities and straddling the fine line between fact and fiction, the exhibition reveals the layered history of the construction of a governmental city and military base.
The artist and the curator will lead the visitors through the photos, aerial shots, carbon copies and architecture plans featured in Le Réduit, and share the development of the project, one that emerged from dynamic and critical conversations constantly questioning the editing and manipulation of archives.

Practical information

Guided tour starts at 5 pm
free access
no reservation necessary
language: EN
venue: La Loge 

As a pre-program to this tour, La Loge recommends to attend the round table discussion ‘Ce que l’art veut aux archives’ held the same day from 2.30 to 4.30 pm at l’ISELP in the framework of the Brussels Art Film Festival. More information available>>