offline flag project
Four Flags
Four Flags in Amsterdam

Four Flags is an initiative that supports artists during this period of confinement. The goal of Four Flags is to present physical art at a time when we all spend time in online viewing rooms. Thirty artists were invited to design a flag.

Four Flags was launched on April 15 in Amsterdam, and from April 30 to July 31 the project will be on view outside of Belgian art organizations, including La Loge.

A new flag is introduced to the public every week.

30 April - 7 May

Willem de Rooij (1969, Netherlands) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The work of Willem de Rooij’s is determined by the selection and combination of images in various media. It has been enriched with abstract concepts such as opposition, contrast, transition, and nua nce and it attempts to analyze the conventions of presentation and representation.

7 May - 14 May

Ola Vasiljeva (1981, Latvia) lives and works in the The Hague, Netherlands. Ola Vasiljeva often creates ambiguous, absurd, scattered installations and compositions, where the arrangement of the objects stages a choreographed dialogue between them.

Practical information

Participating organizations: Network Aalst, Aalst; Be-Part, Waregem; Kunsthal, Ghent; AAIR, Antwerp; CIAP, Genk; KIOSK, Ghent; La Loge, Brussels and CC Strombeek, Grimbergen.

Each flag is produced as an edition of 4 (+1 AP), sold at € 150 each (excluding shipping).

The entire proceeds go to the artist. Contact Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte for more information. 
The project is an initiative by Nick Terra and Julia Mullié in collaboration and with the support of Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte and Siska Bulkens.

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