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Connivéncia by Elsa Brès

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Through the eyes of Elsa Brès

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Love Canal (2017) by Elsa Brès

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Sweat (2020) by Elsa Brès

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Elsa Brès

With her polyphonic films, Elsa Brès creates a sensitive cartography of the territories she inhabits. In her work, research into history, sociology and geography enables her to anchor her narratives in the more or less distant past, from which she extracts forgotten stories of resistance and rebellion. For Connivéncia, Elsa Brès presents a body of works and research chaptersaround her latest project: Les Sanglières. Les Sanglières is a film project whose writing process integrates the use of ecology tools quantitative ecology. It is set in the Cévennes, in the company of wild boars, considered as figures of the protest, as allies of the struggle.


Elsa Brès was born in 1985 and lives in Bréau, in the Cévennes. She graduated from Le Fresnoy - studio national d’arts contemporains in 2017 and from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture in 2012 - where she taught architecture and landscape theory. Her films and installations focus on forces of resistance in contemporary socio-natural landscapes. Combining long-term research with experimentation in narrative forms, her projects are rooted in the territories to which she is linked, in an approach that is increasingly open to collaboration.

After three films revolving around alternative narratives about water-related infrastructure projects (Stella50.4N1.5E - 2016, Love Canal - 2017, Sweat -2020), she is currently developing Les Sanglières, a film set in the rural French region where she lives that deals with wild boars as allies of struggle. This long-term project has given a number of installations along the way: Notes for les Sanglières (2021); Les Sanglières part3seq1&2 (2021); Hearing the riffle shots (2022); Connivences, Révolutions (2023). Her recent and up-coming exhibitions and screenings include: La Loge solo show (Bruxelles, 2023), transmediale (2022, 2021), State of Concept Athens (2022), Vdrome (2022), Cincinnati Contemporary art center (2022), MO.CO Panacée (2021), FID Marseille (2020, 2016), CRAC Occitanie (2020), Tënk (2021).