Elsa Brès

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About Connivéncia

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Connivéncia by Elsa Brès

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Through the eyes of Elsa Brès

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Finissage with Liew Niyomkarn

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Sabir & Les Sanglières

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Through the eyes of Sofia Dati

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aparté by ugne&maria

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Love Canal (2017) by Elsa Brès

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Sweat (2020) by Elsa Brès

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Heritage Days - Guided tours

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La Loge History

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The Collection

camera_alt 10 Years Benefit Party

Sabir & Les Sanglières

Collective and performative reading night

10.11, 20:00

La Loge is giving carte blanche to the feminist collective Sabir for a night of readings and performances based on Les Sanglières and its actresses.


Sabir is a magazine of contemporary literature and a collective of four authors active in various artistic fields. The magazine, which is multidisciplinary but radically textual, brings together poetry, theatre, short stories, essays, artists’ writings and experimental forms. In parallel, the collective regularly organises the “Sabir La Nuit” evenings, during which authors are invited to perform readings.

Practical information

10.11, 20:00
Doors open : 19:30
Free admission on reservation
Language: French