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About Connivéncia

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Connivéncia by Elsa Brès

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Through the eyes of Elsa Brès

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Finissage with Liew Niyomkarn

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Sabir & Les Sanglières

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Through the eyes of Sofia Dati

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aparté by ugne&maria

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Love Canal (2017) by Elsa Brès

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Sweat (2020) by Elsa Brès

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Heritage Days - Guided tours

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La Loge History

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The Collection

camera_alt 10 Years Benefit Party

Through the eyes of Sofia Dati

Subjective tour of the exhibition with curator Sofia Dati.

16.11.23, 18:30


Sofia Dati is visual and audiovisual arts programmer at Beursschouwburg, Brussels, where she curated exhibitions by Ève Gabriel Chabanon, Sina Hensel, Hoda Siahtiri, and the collective Black(s) to the Future; as well as film programs with Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Stéphane Gérard, Eden Tinto Collins, Filipa César and Onyeka Igwe, among others. She was part of the curatorial team in WIELS, Brussels, from 2019-2021. Sofia studied Literature at La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Cultural Studies at KU Leuven and Curatorial Studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, and has written for magazines such as Po&Sie, Arshake and Conceptual Fine Arts.

Practical Information

16.11.23, 18:30
Language : English
Free participation upon reservation

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