Through the Eyes of
Through the Eyes of Louise Osieka and Dirk Snauwaert
Kunst Tonen, 2017 by Jef Geys - copyright and courtesy of the artist

with Louise Osieka and Dirk Snauwaert

No guided tour can say it all. Departing from this idea, 'Through the Eyes of' invites artists and curators to use their own interests and experiences as guiding thread through the exhibition. Perhaps these personal viewpoints, shared with La Loge’s team and visitors, might well unearth new insights and ideas. On the occasion of the closing of Chalet by Jef Geys, La Loge invites Louise Osieka and Dirk Snauwaert to share their personal interpretations, reflections and thoughts on the exhibition.

Louise Osieka (°1990, Genk) is director of Kunstverein CIAP in Hasselt. She has given lectures and written articles on the work of Jef Geys, including an Interpretation of Jef Geys' Oeuvre with Autonomy as a Voluntary Guideline in Mobile Autonomy: organizing ourselves as artists today, published by Valiz in 2016, and Louise Osieka & Jef Geys - Museum Contemporary Art Ghent/Balen, published in Cave, a publication co-published by Contemporary Art Heritage Flanders (CAHF) and Sternberg Press. At La Loge, Osieka will approach Geys’ work by focussing on the artist’s educational projects and pedagogical approaches to art.

Dirk Snauwaert (°1963, Tielt) is director of WIELS and has a long-term commitment to the oeuvre of Jef Geys. He was the curator of Geys' exhibition at the Belgian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennial (2009), and has curated many group exhibitions including Geys’ work, including Jef Geys / Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian at WIELS (2013), Atopolis in Mons (2015), and The Absent Museum (2017). Snauwaert’s tour through Chalet, which spans over forty years of Geys’ work and includes works from the Venice Biennial, will give a first-hand insight into the artist’s practice.

Practical information

Saturday 2 December 2017 at 5 pm
free access
please rsvp as places are limited:
language: NL, FR, ENG
venue: La Loge