Masonic Modernism by Mostafa Heddaya


Though adjacent to the development and expansion of modern bourgeois culture in a number of contexts, freemasonry is today seldom dealt into historical relation with visual art. Marina Pinsky’s Infinite Play reminds us that there is a presence still to these terms and symbols, a class character to them, and a value to holding up—as this talk will—the understanding of modern art as a “secular form of belief” to the mirror of its lodgings.


Mostafa Heddaya is a critic and a doctoral candidate in modern/African art at Princeton University. His recent writing includes contributions to African Modernism in America (AFA/Yale, 2022), Artforum (January 2022), Cura 36 (Spring/Summer 2021), Nka 47 (Fall/Winter 2020), and E-flux journal 107 (March 2020). In 2021, he co-convened Art Books, Book Art, Art, a series of online conversations on editorial procedures in recent art practice, history, and criticism.

Image: Gallica

Practical Information

10.06.23, 17:00
Lecture in english
Free participation upon reservation