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Marina Pinsky

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Through the eyes of Marina Pinsky

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Conférence de Mostafa Heddaya

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Mixed feelings de Charlie Usher

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Lawrence, Perpendicular Music

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Talk avec Zoë Gray

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Reading Group & Assembly: Chasing Colonial Ghosts

An event organized in partnership with the Curatorial Studies Postgraduate programme (KASK school of arts - Ghent) in the framework of the exhibition ‘Entity of Decolonization’ by DAAR - Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, curated by Matteo Lucchetti

It’s very possible that every session on the discourse of decolonization begins with this sentence by Walter Mignolo: “coloniality is the darker side of Western modernity.” Or with a remark by Sandi Hilal in an interview about the Entity of Decolonization: “ moving our body from Palestine to Europe, also our urgency would change in that sense and our definition of what decolonization means change. And indeed we do not want to pretend that there is one universal way of decolonization yet.”

It is important to perceive colonization as a global phenomenon and to tackle it as such. Some essential thoughts from the activation days (on February 3rd and 4th) of the work Entity of Decolonization Borgo Rizza in Brussels have shown that the era of colonization has not yet finished, so we can not easily just begin discussing “decolonization”. We are living in parallel timelines, and all three stages of colonization, post-colonization, and decolonization are happening at the same time, in different contexts.

On the occasion of the end of the exhibition Entity of Decolonization, we would like to invite you once again, to sit together, between the cracks of the facade of Borgo Rizza, and to think together on the matter of decolonization of institutions.

Practical information

The session will be organized as a reading group and time for discussion. We invite you to read “Chasing Colonial Ghosts: Decolonizing Art Institutions in “Post-Apartheid” South Africa” by Same Mdluli in advance, so we could have a common ground to begin our discussion.

Language : English
Free participation upon registration :