When you fall into a trance
by Emily Wardill
When you fall into a trance, Emily Wardill, 2014 - video, 72 min., image still - image: Courtesy of the artist

La Loge is proud to present the European premiere of a new feature-length film by Emily Wardill: When you fall into a trance, which will unfold alongside a grouping of connected works.
When you fall into a trance traces the relationships between Dominique, a neuroscientist, Simon, her patient, Tony, a synchronized swimmer, and Hugo, an aid worker. Simon is suffering from the loss of his proprioception, his sense of the relative position of his body parts as well as his understanding of the effort required to move them. His vision seems essential to his physical agency—if he cannot see his body, then the movement and control of his gestures become unmoored. As the film unfolds, Dominique’s fascination with the complexities of the mind-body relationship exemplified by Simon’s condition spins beyond her work and into her life.
When you fall into a trance places the characters, and us along with them, in an unstable orbit in which the perceptual aids of vision, location and language slide and refract, superimpose or splinter, and the supposed transparency of their role in our awareness of ourselves and others is called into question. Setting in motion the intricacies of human relationships, in which bodies betray words, and touch and music seduce memory, Wardill’s film is equally sinister and tender. Throughout the film, actions distort, gestures fracture, and deceptions are uncovered as the tension and release of bodies and speech reveal the complexities of memory and the possibilities of imagination.
When you fall into a trance is the latest in a series of Wardill’s films that share a common interest in the complexities of communication and representation, the limitations and imprecision of language, and the individual nature of imagination.
For the European premiere of When you fall into a trance, Emily Wardill, La Loge, and associate curator Anna Manubens will host a program of events bringing the film and Wardill’s practice into perspective and featuring specialists and scholars (full program of events will be announced soon).
When you fall into a trance was partly filmed in the spaces of La Loge in the summer of 2013 during a series of workshops involving predominantly Brussels-based actors and crew. When you fall into a trance is co-produced by La Loge and the 19th Biennale of Sydney. The film was made possible with the support of Arts Council England; carlier | gebauer; The Leverhulme Trust; and Standard (OSLO).

Curator: Anne-Claire Schmitz 
The exhibition 'When you fall into a trance' has been developed and curated in close collaboration with associate curator Anna Manubens.
Practical information 

opening hours: Thursday-Saturday
3 screenings per day at: 13:30 - 15:30 - 17:30
La Loge is closed on 1, 2, 3 May and 29 May. 
Please note the film is 72 min. long
NL/ FR subtitles 

free entrance