Koenraad Dedobbeleer & Kris Kimpe, UP
cover of UP 09 (bis), starring: Absalon’s use of the former Jaques Lipchitz studio, built in 1923 by Le Corbusier and located 9, allée des Pins in 92100 Boulogne -sur- Seine.

UP is a fanzine dedicated to a singular and subjective love of the built that is produced, released, and distributed by artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer and architect Kris Kimpe. Each issue is presented in A5, stapled or concertina folded, and features photography by Dedobbeleer, Kimpe and others of a single work of architecture that inspires them. The photography is both a documentation of and critical reponse to the architecture.

The fanzines were presented at La Loge on the occasion of UP, a series of encounters that took place in March 2014. For four Sundays, UP opened the doors of La Loge for afternoon discussions about architecture and design with invited guests, extending the mode of their zine off the page and into event form.

La Loge supported the production of following UP issues 09, 13, 15, 16 and 17
Please note the UP issues are distributed on a informal basis. For more info mail to info@la-loge.be

From Some Paintings. 2000-2010 by Nathalie Du Pasquier
Nathalie Du Pasquier 'From Some Paintings', a project curated by Luca Lo Pinto at La Loge, 2017 - Copyright & Courtesy of the artist and La Loge.

Published on the occasion of From Some Paintings by Nathalie Du Pasquier (18/02/17 - 22/04/17), the publication entitled From Some Paintings. 2000-2010 follows the same principle of the exhibition, comprising a selection of still life paintings made between 2000 and 2010. Entirely black and white, the images alternate between full reproductions and smaller details.

Co-published by La Loge and NERO magazine and kindly supported by A Palazzo Gallery.
April 2016
limited edition of 500 copies
ISBN 978-88-97503-93-4

For more info about the publication please mail to info@la-loge.be 

After Service, a selection of projects by Stéphane Barbier Bouvet

After Service, a selection of projects by Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, the artist’s first non-self produced and distributed publication. The book gathers all the documentation of the different projects featured in La Loge’s exhibition 'After Service'. Adopting the organization of a stack or portfolio, the publication brings a meditative continuity to Barbier Bouvet’s multifaceted practice, both serving as and exceeding the format of the traditional exhibition catalog. While providing information on the contexts of apparition of a selection of objects developed by Barbier Bouvet over the years, this book also adopts the artist’s own attitude towards alternative modes of artistic labor, self-presentation, and publishing.

After Service, a selection of projects by Stéphane Barbier Bouvet

Published by the artist and La Loge
June 2017, English
124 pages
13 x 20 cm

ISBN 978-2-9538548-4-8

For more info about the publication please mail to info@la-loge.be

Boy Vereecken (ed.) Signature Strengths

When first introduced, mass-market paperbacks sparked a publishing revolution. Critics despised them as lowbrow diversions, which did not impact their popularity. But the business model barely worked. Prices were so low, the books needed to sell in incredible numbers to make a profit. An industry norm emerged to pump up sales, whereby most of the novels were wrapped with images of women in provocative settings and states of undress. Many readers were duly provoked to purchase, but this recurring allure eventually lost its sway.

Simultaneously, an opposing theme of essentialism was asserting itself in grocery stores. The No Frills brand presented goods in unadorned packaging. It was as if the very intention to sell had been excised from the label’s straightforward design and terse declaration of contents—SALAD DRESSING, FRUIT PRESERVES, LAUNDRY DETERGENT. No Frills stripped the cloying appeal of traditional marketing and replaced it with a candid offering of canned beets and corned beef, pure and plain.

Inspired by this direct approach, Terry Bisson and art director Frank Kozelek developed the No-Frills book series in the early 1980s. Signature Strengths, conceived and edited by Boy Vereecken, reproduces in full the four books published in the series—Western, Mystery, Science Fiction, and Romance—as well as critical evaluations of the fascinating experimental endeavor in genre writing and mass-market publishing.

Boy Vereecken (Ed.)
Signature Strengths
Introduction by Mark Mann
Co-published by Sternberg Press and La Loge
Design by Boy Vereecken
October 2016, English
19.5 x 26.5 cm, 112 pages, 8 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-258-8

The publication can be purchased here

Roe Ethridge & Zin Taylor, The Ceremony and The Spirit

Published on the occasion of the artists’ exhibition of the same name at La Loge, Brussels, The Ceremony And The Spirit is based on the dialogue Taylor and Ethridge created with the space, a former freemason’s temple. The triangular relation between La Loge and the artists takes shape in the site specific ceremonial objects created by Taylor, Ethridge’s photographs revealing the “spirit,” and a text consisting of emails between the two men. 'I guess I’m trying to find a structure where you and I get to throw in our opinions about stuff, our ideas about stuff and have those negotiated within the composition… this way we could use the star motif, and anything else we wanted, as we’re at the service of the building…'

The Ceremony and the Spirit 
By Roe Ethridge & Zin Taylor 
Co-published by Karma (New York) and La Loge (Brussels)
2013, English
72 pages
33.02 x 22.86 cm
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-1-93856-031-6

The publication can be purchased here.

For more info about the publication please mail to info@la-loge.be

Sophie Nys, Lyrics for Arto Lindsay
Lyrics for Arto Lindsay

This publication was presented on the occasion of the exhibition Parque do Flamengo, 2011.

Sophie Nys 
Lyrics for Arto Lindsay 
Published by Grotto Publications
20,7 x 29 cm
250 copies
8 p.

This publication can be purchased here.

For more info about the publication please mail to info@la-loge.be