Despina by Zoë Paul

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About Despina

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Limited series Platters by Zoë Paul

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Despina by Zoë Paul


Zoë Paul’s work consists of elements and motifs that—whether at the personal or communal scale—convey an essence of belonging. She employs timeless, general-purpose, low-tech materials and techniques, such as ceramics, weaving and drawing, that pertain to a small-scale economy and are used to meet daily life needs. Her work aims to examine our relationship with tradition and explores shifts in perception around the value of an object according to time and context.

In Despina Zoë Paul explores the impermanence of life through the lens of ancient mythologies, fertility and femininity. Invited by La Loge, she constructs a narrative through new works and material experiments that depict scenes from both the lively territories above the earth’s surface and, below it, the divine yet obscure underworld. Paul underlines the interdependence of these two spaces through the use of symbols and allegories. Taking a more holistic approach to nature, Paul emphasizes tradition and femininity over more modern forms of relating to the world, and highlights the bounties provided by nature when handled with attention and care.

Curated by Laura Herman

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