Haus Beutler by Michael Beutler

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Guided tour by Michael Beutler

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Haus Beutler by Michael Beutler


In line with its on-going reflection on the production systems that determine our living environment, La Loge invites the artist Michael Beutler, whose practice is based on experiment and the conception of independent developments.
As a critical and playful response to standardisation, Haus Beutler is an exhibition project that gives the human being back its full dimension by placing it at the heart of the processes shaping its formal, functional and architectural surrounding.

Conceived and first presented by Bielefelder Kunstverein (May 10 – July 27, 2014), Haus Beutler is a solo exhibition that offers a first insight into Beutler’s projects’ various development processes and into their contexts since 2000. Alongside an architecture for the exhibition, developed especially for La Loge, and some new installations, the artist is presenting drawings, models, studies in materials, photo and video documentations of earlier projects. In the sense of a retrospective on a small scale, the solo exhibition is thus making it possible to look back over some essential groups of works from Beutler’s artistic production.

Curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz and Thomas Thiel

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