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Somewhere in Between, BOZAR

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Lodged-In Voices, LOOK; issue 1

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Somewhere in Between, BOZAR


Contemporary Art Scenes in Europe

Somewhere in Between brings together the multiple realities of art practices from all over Europe. The exhibition is both a mediation on Europeanness and an attempt to gather stories, experiences, relations and encounters from a wide range of artists, curators and other engaged individuals. BOZAR gives carte blanche to five artistic constellations: Brussels-based art spaces Etablissement d’en face, Komplot and La Loge; KASK School of Arts (Ghent) and its Kunstenbibliotheek and students of Curatorial Studies; and the Orient project presented in collaboration with Kim? Contemporary Art Center (Riga) and Bunkier Sztuki (Kraków).

La Loge takes the invitation to participate in Somewhere in Between as an opportunity to look into its own personality; reflect on its format, practice and attitude; and directly respond to BOZAR’s desire to engage with the numerous artistic scenes and practices surrounding them in Brussels. The result is the debut of LOOK; a series of publications compiled and edited by La Loge, which we have wanted to develop for a while. LOOK; is a space as printed matter; its light, consumable, and affordable format allows us to surpass the temporality and spatiality of our physical institution, while enabling new and existing content to circulate through different contexts.