Reclaiming Places

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About Reclaiming Places

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The Indigenuity Manifesto

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Finissage and guided tours

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Reclaiming Places


Marwa Arsanios, Marjolijn Dijkman, Laura Huertas Millán, Joar Nango, Otobong Nkanga

Reclaiming places tells the story of a changing world, and the claims of indigenous people to inhabit the space that surrounds them and that they are made of. The exhibition translates the story told by the public programme A Common Breath (10.03-03.04.21) into a new presentation, thus giving us the opportunity to follow up on some of the programme's artistic collaborations, while starting new ones. The works presented here are bound by joint environmental concerns. They also explore the notions of inhabiting the land - as well as exploiting - and possessing - it. Reclaiming Places showcases architecture as a practice allowing for the necessary relationships between places and beings to happen - both human and not, and as an example of interspecies relationships.