Peter Wächtler

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Christopher Roth, Watch more TV!

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Anne Holtrop Material Culture

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Hedwig Houben Borborygmus

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Céline Condorelli

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Filip Van Dingenen & Wim Cuyvers

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Temple Talks


Temple Talks is a series of commissioned lectures jointly organised by La Loge and Raak (Research Center for Architecture & the Arts at KU Leuven Association). Over the course of the academic year, artists and architects will be invited to share a passionate and personal point of view contributing to an understanding of the ever complementary, complex, and sometimes misunderstood relationship between art and architecture. Through the experience of a diversity of guests and practices, the series aims to research the specificities of these distinct fields while building up a common ground of interests and languages. Guests will structure their talks by leaning on the physical presence of an object, artwork, or document of their choice. While acting as both a mediator and partner in conversation, this third party will hopefully lead to a disruption of the dualistic relationship between audience and lecturer. La Loge and rAAK warmly welcome you all to this new series of evening discussions.