Arpentage (surveying) with Milady Renoir

La Battue : L'Etat, la police et les étrangers by Louis Witter

'Surveying' is a method of collective reading that originated in working-class culture in Italy, the USSR, and France, and was used by Resistance fighters during the Second World War. It was widely disseminated within the popular education movement in France from the 1950s onwards. The principle is simple: the book is divided into as many parts as there are readers. Each reader reads his or her own part of the book, with questions decided together for active reading. Then it's back to the group to share ideas, questions and issues for ourselves and society. Surveying doesn't mean you don't have to read the whole book on your own, it just makes it easier to get a handle on a subject that can be difficult or remote.

The book chosen relates to the exhibition subjects. It is not necessary to purchase the book for the survey, but it is available from independent bookshops in Brussels, such as Les Météores on rue Blaes 207 in Les Marolles.

Entangled in poetry, counter narratives, politics, and intimacies, Milady Renoir leads writing workshops in captive/open/diverse environments; conducts reviews and training courses on mobile subjects–mainly in writing, but also in anti-sexist and anti-racist approaches; and works as a radio columnist; a militant in the struggle for sans-papiers; appears in a number of collections published by Maelström and is engaged in a number of causes, alliances, rage and doubts. Milady is also the curator of the sans papier library in the exhibition Holding Rehearsals.

Practical information
Language: French
Duration: 90 minutes
Free participation upon registration