Open collective reading with Milady Renoir

Should you feel like sharing a poem, a slam, a text, a song related to the exhibition’s thematics, as wide as wanted (solidarity, hope and despair, home and away, identity, memory, war, courage, frontier, freedom,...), feel free to bring some with you and read them out loud in any language you speak. Milady Renoir, curator of the 'Sans papiers library’ in the exhibition, will bring & read some abstracts too, from June Jordan to Dareen Tatour, from Warsan Shire to Saul Williams, from you to others.

You may leave the texts there for others to read during the exhibition period.

**Practical information
01.02.24, 18:30-20:30
Language: English, Dutch, Arabic, and others
Free participation, upon registration

Image: Milady Renoir (c) Claire Fasulo