Infinite Play by Marina Pinsky

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Marina Pinsky

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Over Infinite Play door Marina Pinsky

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Through the eyes of Marina Pinsky

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Masonic Modernism by Mostafa Heddaya

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Mixed feelings door Charlie Usher

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The Collection

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Lawrence, Perpendicular Music

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Gesprek met Zoë Gray

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La Loge History


Mixed feelings door Charlie Usher

Mixed feelings is een multi-format context voor luisteren in groep, dat oprechte culturele samples, gedetailleerde montage van protocols, DIY geluidsinstallaties, live instrumenten, vintage Lesliespeakers en horizontale tijdsstructuren samenbrengt.

In this version made specially for the temple of La Loge, the sprawl of our bodies in and around the conversation pit will be joined by a low-lying installation of loudspeakers steadily unfolding extracts ripped from hundreds of disparate found and composed sources, ranging from speech, music, relaxation tapes, and field-recordings.

A blurb: 'The slow gaze, a touch scroll, a sharp zoom, a jump cut / Juliana Spahr: things of each possible relation hashing against one another / Chris Messina: it's born of the internet, and owned by no one / Radical Software: an x within a circle, the Xerox mark, the antithesis of copyright, which means DO copy / Genesis P-Orridge: Information is like a bank - [...] rob the bank!'


Charlie Usher (1987, BE/UK) is a composer whose work often uses structural and formal protocols to interrogate cognitive, somatic and affective ways we relate to information we hear. His works can be articulated via installations of live instruments and/or loudspeakers in spaces with acoustics not typically considered adapted to hosting sound. His work has been installed and performed over Europe and North America, including Kaaistudio's, De Singel, Beursschouwburg, Q-O2 Brussels, Lincoln Center NYC, South Bank Centre, London, and during multiple US and UK tours.

Practical information
16.06, 20:00
Duration: ca. 1 hour

Reduced price : 5 eur.
Support price : 8 eur.

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