About Common People

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Common People by Katinka Bock

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Through the eyes of Katinka Bock

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Schön von hinten

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Artist Talk with Katinka Bock

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Katinka Bock selected readings

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Common People by Katinka Bock

22.01 - 27.03.22

Katinka Bock develops her practice according to the contexts and territories in which she works. Her sculptures, installations, and photographs explore the poetic dimension of interior and exterior spaces, linking and connecting them in unexpected ways. The choice of simple materials (wood, metal, clay, stone, leather, or natural elements such as air and water) sheds light on the physical quality of forms and how they are able to convey notions of time. For Common People, La Loge’s specific architecture and history have allowed the artist to express her interest in measurement and geometry, two disciplines at the heart of her sculptural protocols. The exhibition is thus experienced as a reflection upon the historical, physical, and social relationships existing between body, artwork, and space.