Mistik by Hana Miletić

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About Mistik

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Materials - Mistik

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The Best Husband (Najbolji muž)

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Mistik by Hana Miletić


La Loge presents Mistik, an intimate exhibition of a new work by Hana Miletić that is the result of a collaboration with the artist as part of First Sight, La Loge’s support community and programme. The pandemic having interrupted First Sight's activities, the funds initially destined for the support group were used to commission a shared work based on the idea of community.

In her work, Hana Miletić is inspired by repairs she observes and photographs in the public space. The works she weaves on the basis of these patterns invite us to reflect on the economic and social conditions and consequences of work such as acceleration, standardization and transparency.

The exhibition of her work at La Loge is supplemented by the presentation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s essay The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986) and a film screening. In addition to the reflections on weaving and commonality generated by the juxtaposition of Le Guin’s essay and Miletić’s work, the 1968 short film Najbolji muž by the Yugoslav-Serb director Vera Jocić evokes notions such as autonomous organization, collectivity and emancipation opportunities that are central to Hana Miletić 's practice too.