Multiverse by Michel Blazy

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About the exhibition Multiverse

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Multiverse by Michel Blazy


The passage of time over matter is central to Michel Blazy’s practice. Since the early nineties, the artist has been working with living entities, both artificial and natural, which are all equally subject to the supremacy of time and the multitude of triggers that impact the environment.

In Multiverse, La Loge reveals its potential as an animated place where materials can grow, germinate, transform and deteriorate. The exhibition comprises key elements from Blazy’s studio practice including film, sculpture, and installation, often composed of impermanent, transient materials like plants, molds, nutritional ingredients, and everyday objects.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, the works develop independently from each other and beyond the control of the artist. In this untended multiverse, where things can freely overflow, the eccentric movement of matter lurks as a constant possibility. The notion of overflow sits at the heart of Blazy’s practice, and also belongs to the history of this exhibition, a reiteration of a previous version of Multiverse that was flooded by a natural phenomenon during the opening in September 2018.

Curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz

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