Partita Partagée

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About Partita Partagée

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Partita Partagée A Concert-lecture


by George van Dam and Isabelle Dumont with new works by Adrien Lucca

Partita Partagée is a unique project bringing together the plastic and analytical qualities of music, drawing, and architecture.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partia Secunda (1720) has long accompanied the violinist George van Dam. In collaboration with the dramatist Isabelle Dumont, he conceived a concert-lecture to share the history, the conception, and the musical architecture of this virtuoso piece. A combined introduction and interpretation, this performance invites the public to another listening of Bach.

Bach is a master of counterpoint and harmony. Inspired by the science of numbers, he succeeds in associating rigour and balance with formal and rhythmic creativity. Not only does the Second Partita reveal the polyphonic potential of the violin, it also unfolds in a singular space-time while carrying dramatic force and emotional depth.

Invited to echo this project, French artist Adrien Lucca creates a new series of prints freely interpreting Bach’s particular score construction. In line with his artistic language, Lucca’s images are progressive colour and light variations translating the inner rules of a chosen algorithm. Based on a precise use and understanding of mathematics, printers and colorimetry, Lucca’s works emerge from an unlikely alchemy in which objective data become open images capable of expressing their processes of appearance.


Wednesday 4 November, 8 pm
Thursday 5 November, 8 pm

Exhibition of works by Adrien Lucca

04 & 05 November 2015, 8pm & on view until 14 November
(Thu-Sat from 1 pm to 7 pm, admission free)

Schedule (4 & 5 November)

8.00 pm introduction
8.15 pm concert-lecture (French spoken, EN & NL translation available)
9.15 pm drinks

Curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz