Session 3: Italian Theories: Radical Architecture

La Loge hosts the Public School for Architecture Brussels.

Class starts at 16:00
Teacher: Duevolte (Anna Sanga & Chiara Buccolini)

This class is about the pre and the post of radical architecture in Italy. Was radical architecture really a rift in italian architecture theories? We will start with the book The Project of Autonomy by Pier Vittorio Aureli, and also cover The Architecture of the City by Aldo Rossi and Architecture and Utopia - Design and Capitalist Devenlopment by Manfredo Tafuri. The last Venice Biennale curated by Koolhaas presented the Princeton research about radical architecture Radical Pedagogies, but what does it mean today to study radical architecture? And what does it mean for us, as students, to take radical drawings as references? We will try to answer these questions and try to understand what of the radical remains, not only in Italian architecture theories, but also in the teaching system of architecture universities.

The Public School for Architecture Brussls, La Loge, Brussels, 2015. Courtesy and copyright of the artist and La Loge.