Session 1: Workshop for Schizo-Linearity

Prior to Session 2 of Open Perspectives on Oskar Hansen, La Loge hosts the Public School for Architecture Brussels.

The workshop for schizo-linearity is an irregular series of encounters that is not bound to a specific format, but explores the range of potential urban practices. It tries to host an ongoing discussion on power, on technology as an instantiation of power relations, and on the specific technologies of architecture and urbanism. This discussion refuses the oppression of efficiency, both the past modernist one and its contemporary sustainable counterpart, as they both try to define what human is and impose this definition on society. It will look for the excluded fragments of the discourse, analyzing mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, authorship, institutions, legal processes - in short the said and the unsaid. In order to challenge given strategic roles, hierarchies and functions, it favors difference of backgrounds, horizontal relations and a critical but ludic approach.


The Public School for Architecture is a self-organizing educational program where the curriculum and schedule are proposed by the general public through the school’s website. The Public School for Architecture Brussels offers the opportunity to negotiate public space beyond the limits of current architectural practices and provides a means for the general public to access an architectural culture that is typically out of reach. The school’s mission is to create a new public for architecture while opening up architecture for the public.

Practical information

duration of class: 13:00 to 14:15
Access: free
No reservation necessary
language: EN