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Somewhere in Between, BOZAR

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Lodged-In Voices, LOOK; issue 1

Lodged-In Voices, the first issue of LOOK; was accomplished thanks to and within the framework of Somewhere in Between, Contemporary Art Scenes in Europe an exhibition taking place from 20 June to 19 August 2018 at BOZAR, Brussels as part of a larger program investigating the status of European contemporary art since WWII.

La Loge took the invitation to participate in Somewhere in Between as an opportunity to look into its own personality; reflect on its format, practice and attitude; and directly respond to BOZAR’s desire to engage with the numerous artistic scenes and practices surrounding them in Brussels. The result is the debut of LOOK; a new series of publications compiled and edited by La Loge.

LOOK; is a space as printed matter; its light, consumable, and affordable format allows us to surpass the temporality and spatiality of our physical institution, while enabling new and existing content to circulate through different contexts.

The first issue, titled Lodged-In Voices, particularly responds to Bozar’s proposition as it offers room to a set of concerns related to language and space, which emerge from the practice of running an institution that works, houses, lodges, talks, produces and cares. As we reflect on our institutional ethics, vocabulary, proximity to, and playfulness within the scale and conditions of La Loge, the artists, architects, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who contribute to what we do are all doing the same from the perspective of their own discipline and research; be it architecture, art, graphic design, choreography, curating, or writing.

Lodged-In Voices comprises newly commissioned texts by artists Hanne Lippard, Andros Zins-Browne, Michael Van den Abeele, and Andreas Angelidakis.

Book launch & Opening at BOZAR
Tuesday 19 June 2018
7 pm

Talks & Performances at BOZAR
Wednesday 20 June 2018
from 6 pm to midnight
with Michael Van den Abeele and Andros Zins-Browne (among others)