Nature non-stop by Kersten Geers

The Flamengo Park of Roberto Burle Marx does not belong to the city, nor to the sea.

This curious piece of landscape in Rio de Janeiro is fascinatingly portrayed by Sophie Nys in her film (currently on view at La Loge).
The portrait gives a new insight, a hunch never before visible. As a veritable catalogue in the modernist tradition, the Flamenco park is a peculiar construction of architecture in time. A nature non-stop, or at least that is what Kersten Geers will argue for next Wednesday.

Kersten Geers is partner of OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, together with David van Severen. A new monographic issue on their work (issue 63 of 2G) is out now.

Time: 7.30 pm
Language: English
Entry: 3€, no reservation necessary

The lecture was broadcasted live on our website via La Loge’s ustream channel.