Launch issue 13 & lecture

Launch of UP issue 13 starring Hans Hollein’s Museum Abteiberg designed in 1972/73 and completed in 1982. Located Abteistrasse 27, 41061 Monchengladbach.

Our Sunday guests are Henk Mihl (architect, Voorburg) and Susanne Titz (director of Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach).

Hollein and all that surrounds us by Henk Mihl

In this lecture - a trajectory of work before and beyond the Museum Abteiberg, - design, environment and buildings of Hans Hollein will be brought
forward while discussing and reviewing appearance and aspects of some of his artefacts.

Museum Abteiberg: The presence of Antimuseum by Susanne Titz

The origin of the Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach was Johannes Cladders’ term Antimuseum, dating from 1968. This idea defined the structure of the museum building that he created in collaboration with the Austrian architect Hans Hollein, 1972 - 1982. How does this building work? What was the vision? What is the present tense of it - for visitors, artists, exhibited art?