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Camille & Ulysse

slideshow Day 1 - 02.12.21, 19:00-21:00

Camille & Ulysse - Pictures

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Narratives about Earth

slideshow Day 2 - 03.12.21, 19:00-21:30

Narratives about Earth - Pictures

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Caring is/in the future - Part 1

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Caring is/in the future - Pictures

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Selected films

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Performative workshop by Mira Hirtz

Exploring notions of care: a performative workshop by Mira Hirtz

What defines a caring body? How do we observe and embody care?
We will experiment with gestures of care and notions of witnessing. Thus we shift our perception between ourselves, others, and other-than-human entities by simply focusing on the means that our sensing bodies offer: walking, standing, feeling, seeing, seeing again, touching, noticing. Might the focus on these everyday means create an ecology of awareness?


Mira Hirtz is a performance artist, art mediator, and art theorist basing her work on somatic practices. She explores the value of creativity for human beings and ecologies in many different formats such as workshops, performances, video pieces and texts. She graduated from the MFA Creative Practice at TL Conservatoire London and from the MA art research at University of Art and Design Karlsruhe, where she presently teaches performative research. Furthermore she worked as an art mediator at documenta14, co-curated the program series “How do we care?” at Badischer Kunstverein 2020 and took part in Bruno Latour’s research seminar leading up the “Critical Zones” exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe for which she is developing performative art meditation. She co-founded the Initiative for Applied Melancholy whose current project ANTHROPOS EX ( is researching the theatre of the Anthropocene.