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Camille & Ulysse

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Camille & Ulysse - Pictures

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Narratives about Earth

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Narratives about Earth - Pictures

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Caring is/in the future - Part 1

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Caring is/in the future - Pictures

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SENSING SATELLITE (2021) is inspired by Julius Eastman's original composition The Holy Presence Of Joan D'Arc which the artist confronts with Malcolm Ferdinand's A Decolonial Ecology. This performance is a cross between fictional speculation and social experiment. It offers an intersection of possibilities for the composition of another world to come. This interstice unfolds primarily through sound: between poetic declamation, edits of political archives, and electronic music.

With the participation of Nabil Ennassouh, Jhaya Caupenne, Hugo Chanel


Artist whose work deals with sound and performance. Fallon Mayanja explores listening practices as well as electronic possibilities, in order to broaden the perceptions of the public and the listeners. Fallon’s work, which is oriented towards sound tangibility and political pedagogy, questions existing forms of communication and seeks alternative practices of reception and interaction, through sound and voice. Fallon seeks to discover areas of contact between the body - sound, sound - society and their communication by studying sound forms as sensory activation and narrative devices. Primarily using electronics and technology as tools to share, connect, feel and listen, artistic production leads to an analysis of the audible and the inaudible, the unspoken and the unspeakable, and the tangible and the unspeakable, of the sensitive, inside and outside sound. Fallon Mayanja's performances have been presented: at BétonSalon - Paris (2018), at The Place and CUNTemporary - London (2019), at Creamcake - Berlin (2019), at FRAC Lorraine (2021) or at ForumArteBraga (2021). The artist has also participated in group exhibitions in Europe and internationally: in Lisbon (2020), Mexico City (2019), Thessaloniki (2019) and Berlin (2020).

Courtesy La Loge and the artists