Leonard Koren & Guests

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À Propos de Leonard Koren & Guests

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Talk by Leonard Koren, Part I

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Interview with Thomas Jeppe

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Talk by Leonard Koren, II

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Conversation with Jeppe Ugelvig

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Conversation with Catherine Geel

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Contribution by Uta Eisenreich

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Contribution by Nathalie Du Pasquier

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Contribution by Boy Vereecken

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Leonard Koren & Guests


with contributions by Deborah Bowmann, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Uta Eisenreich, Catherine Geel, Thomas Jeppe, Leonard Koren, Jeppe Ugelvig, Boy Vereecken

Leonard Koren & Guests is a library and a live programme of conversations through which La Loge invites guests to introduce, share and address Leonard Koren’s work whose principle medium is publishing. An artist who defies categorisation, Koren uses books to share his astute observations of objects, rituals, people and places, paying particular attention to overlooked details while opening up new channels through which we can understand art, design, architecture, philosophy, ecology and anthropology. His body of work, dedicated to productive incongruities and unlikely comparisons, reflects a personal and professional pathway that is erratic and consistent, curious and engaging at once.

Over a span of two weeks, prior and during the event, Leonard Koren’s work—the full collection of twenty books, a selection of WET-magazines, images and print-outs—were available for public consultation in a temporary library developed by Deborah Bowmann in the temple of La Loge.