UP by Koenraad Dedobbeleer and Kris Kimpe


4 Sunday afternoons

UP is a fanzine dedicated to a singular and subjective love of the built initiated by artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer andarchitect Kris Kimpe. Appearing regularly with an irregular interval since 2006, UP features photography by
Dedobbeleer, Kimpe and other collaborators of a single work of architecture that inspires them. The photography is both a documentation of and a critical response to the architecture.

For four Sundays during the month of March, UP opens the doors of La Logefor afternoon discussions about architecture and design with invited guests, extending the mode of their zine off the page and into event form.

For the occasion, UP refurbished La Loge’s exhibition space into a bar setting, replete with selected designer furniture and artworks. As your bartenders, hosts, and fellow fans, UP warmly welcomes you all.

As part of the Sunday afternoon events, UP launched four new zine issues looking at significant and fascinating architectural works.

Curator: Anne-Claire Schmitz