Holding Solidarity – Open Stage for Closure

With La Voix des sans papiers and Comité des Femmes sans papiers

Closing the Holding Rehearsals exhibition, Holding Solidarity, an open stage hosted by members of La Voix des sans papiers de Bruxelles and the Comité des Femmes sans papiers, opens up the voice, the song, and the cry of everyone to resonate in La Loge. From regulars to novices–possibly guided by a writing workshop beforehand–everyone reads, slams, recites a poem, a song, or a slogan in a language that rhymes with the heart and the body, possibly accompanied by undocumented and documented musicians.

La Voix des sans papiers (VSP) is a collective of self-organised undocumented migrants. Born in 2014, the collective organises itself into political occupations and is linked to other collectives in Brussels, Liège, Verviers, and Mons. These occupations are spaces for political struggle and the organisation of survival with the central demand for the regularisation of all undocumented migrants. Through the struggle for its rights, the VSP builds links with different types of support: associations, collectives, trade unions, citizens in solidarity, and so on. VSP is also involved in arts/culture/society projects and offers training and workshops in concrete solidarity, such as Y EN A MARRE!!! and Exil.s & Création.s.

Practical information

06.04.24, 18:00
18:00 - Writing workshop
19:30, 20h30 - Open stage

Free access

Image: courtesy of the artist