A sound rehearsal with Lázara Rosell Albaer, Marcus Bergner, Mirra Markhaëva, and Naomi van Kleef

Mahmoud Hamzeh Beshtawi and Khaled Zead, Lázara Rosell Albaer, Marcus Bergner, Mirra Markhaëva and Naomi van Kleef created the vocal music for hold on to her. In this performance, they will rehearse a soundpiece with their voices, using some of the scores and improvisations from their collaborative process and share their reflections on the role of vocal poetry in collective hearings.

Having previously worked as a dancer and performer, Lázara Rosell Albear has developed a practice that is primarily a blend of performance art, movement, video, and sound art. She collaborates with a wide range of artists, including the MahaWorks Collective and the Art Ensemble of Brussels. As an artist, Marcus Bergner’s work includes poetic writing, the production and performance of sound poetry, a drawing practice, and a rethinking of experimental film in light of new approaches to art history. Mirra Markhaeva is a visual artist based in Brussels, originally from the Republic of Buryatia (located in south-eastern Siberia). She works in illustration, graphic design, mural painting, and textile sculpture. As an undocumented person, Mirra sees art as a form to express social and political injustices. Naomi van Kleef is a writer, poet, artist, and researcher. She is currently doing a program at @ FOTODOK in Utrecht and is working on her first short film.

Practical information
Doors open at 19:30
Duration: 1h30