Assembly: A voice that does not mask by The Post Collective

The Post Collective is an autonomous platform for co-creation, co-learning and cultural activism,created by people with different means and access to artistic production and education due to their legal status. They wish to share personal and collective stories that originate from their experiences within different social and political systems, and the landscape of art institutions.

Their experience, stories, and ongoing reflections are formalised into a working document: the Paperless Art Alliance Contract (PAACT), a set of mutually agreed conditions from which they would like to work within and beyond the collective. As part of their residency at BBOT in Brussels during the season 2023-2024, they invited audiences to further develop the PAACT with the audience: They will continue the discussion at La Loge in the form of a public assembly. They invite you to enter a common space and contribute to their reflection by sharing yours.

The working group of The Post Collective : Taziri Al Omrani, Fareed Aziz, Marcus Bergner, Maarten De Vrieze, Firewyni Getahun, Sawsan Maher, Hanan Maher, Mirra Markhaëva, Golnesa Rezanezhad, Lázara Rosell Albaer, Elli Vassalou, and Souheila Yildiz.

Practical information
07.03.24, 18:30
Duration: approximately 2 hours
Language: English
Participation through registration

Photos : Camille Pouvreau