Infinite Play by Marina Pinsky

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About Infinite Play by Marina Pinsky

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Through the eyes of Marina Pinsky

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Klara Pompidou x Infinite Play

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Conversation with Zoƫ Gray

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Masonic Modernism by Mostafa Heddaya

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Mixed feelings by Charlie Usher

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Lawrence, Perpendicular Music

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Marina Pinsky

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A Conversation, A Game

Based on the Fishbowl pedagogical method, this evening is imagined as an activation of the conversation pit. As a game and a possible collective performance, this aims to develop open discussions around the works and the exhibition by Marina Pinsky at La Loge.

Participants were invited to share their opinions and to exchange, based on rules and their own questioning.

Practical information
In presence of the artist
05.05, 18:00
Language : English
Duration :1 hour

Free participation upon reservation