Infinite Play by Marina Pinsky

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About Infinite Play by Marina Pinsky

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Through the eyes of Marina Pinsky

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Klara Pompidou x Infinite Play

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Conversation with Zoë Gray

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Masonic Modernism by Mostafa Heddaya

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Mixed feelings by Charlie Usher

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Lawrence, Perpendicular Music

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Marina Pinsky

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Lawrence, Perpendicular Music

Perpendicular Music is a new series of live performances by Dial Records cofounder Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence, that premieres at the finissage of Marina Pinsky’s exhibition Infinite Play at La Loge. A variety of acoustic instruments and prerecorded material on cassette tape intersects with computer-based audio manipulation, slowly growing sound clusters emerge into a detailed yet captivating elegy.

Practical information

Friday 30 June
Doors open at 19:30

Support price : 8eur.
Reduced price : 5eur.