Leonard Koren & Guests

camera_alt 04.12.18-15.12.18

Over Leonard Koren & Guests

attach_file 04.12.18–15.12.18

Talk by Leonard Koren, Part I

videocam 14.12.18, 19:15

Interview with Thomas Jeppe

videocam 14.12.18, 19:45

Talk by Leonard Koren, II

videocam 15.12.18

Conversation with Jeppe Ugelvig

slideshow 15.12.18, 11:45

Conversation with Catherine Geel

videocam 15.12.18, 14:15

Contribution by Uta Eisenreich

videocam 15.12.18, 16:00

Contribution by Boy Vereecken

camera_alt 14.12.18, 21:15

Contribution by Boy Vereecken

Echoing Leonard Koren’s early posters and paper editions, designer Boy Vereecken will contribute a silk-screened poster. Functioning both as a hommage to Koren’s practice and as a material proof of the event taking place, Vereecken will add a new piece of ephemera to Koren’s archive while mythologising the witnessing of an event.