Louidgi Beltrame, Through the eyes met Anaïs Chabeur

Join us for a stroll through the exhibition La huaca llora, stories and prompts by Brussels based artist Anaïs Chabeur who frames the journey. In echo with the works of Louidgi Beltrame, you are invited to pay attention to the qualities of presence which might foster connections with the beyond.


Anaïs Chabeur (1992) is an artist based in Brussels. Through films, installations, and participative offerings she crafts poetic and sensorial atmospheres and invitations to inhabit time consciously. The intimacies of dying are an underlying topic inher work and life. Since 2022 Anaïs has been active as a palliative care volunteer, offering presence and massages to terminally ill patients. Her work has been shown in collective exhibitions in institutions such as SMAK (Ghent), De Singel (Antwerp), Wiels (Brussels), and CIAP (Hasselt). She has had solo shows at Botanique, V2Vingt,and Atelier Arthur Rogiers (Brussels). For the period of 2024-2026, Anaïs will be a researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp with her project “Visions for Crossing”.

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