Session 3: Intimacy. Some Unrelated Stories

a performative lecture by Andros-Zins Browne

At La Loge, Zins-Browne weaves the public through several short, seemingly unrelated stories. In a pitch dark room, these stories try to shed some light on what allows and prevents the intimate to emerge. Some of his recent work has attempted to subvert the distance usually imposed by theaters, and to allow encounters with the public that disrupt what he considers choreographic objects. In his performances, these disruptions are the cracks and leaks that are written into the inevitable and predetermined and that hold the potential for intimacy. For this event, he offers several parables – taking place in a children’s playground, a dictator’s tent, an idiosyncratic psychoanalyst’s office... which relate in one way or another to his consideration of the intimate.


Andros Zins-Browne (US, °1981) is a choreographer whose work consists of dance performances and hybrid environments at the intersection between installation, performance and conceptual dance, and explores the ways in which the human body, movement and matter can interact until they appear to take on each other’s properties.