Robert Orchardson en conversation avec Wim Waelput

Robert Orchardson en conversation avec Wim Waelput (directeur artistique de KIOSK, Gand).

Robert Orchardson
 (Né en 1976 en Ecosse. Vit et travaille à Londres)
Les expositions individuelles comprennent: Endless façade, Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver (2012) & Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2011); Let Me Show You Some Things, CCA, Glasgow (2008); Robert Orchardson & Sarah Tripp, Generator Projects, Dundee; Edge of the Superstructure, Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin (both 2007); Perfect Vacuum, Wilkinson Gallery, London; Beyond, Monitor Gallery, Rome; Robert Orchardson, Economist Plaza, London (all 2005); Symmetriad, Galerie Ben Kauffman, Munich (2004); News from Nowhere, The Changing Room Gallery, Stirling (2002).
Les expositions de group comprennent: The Associates, Dundee Contemporary Arts; 7 x 2, Haus des Kindes /Henselmann Tower, Berlin; New Model Army, Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin (all 2009); The Point of No Return, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin; Masterpieces of the 21st Century, Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin; Unfair Fair, 1:1projects, Rome; Ripe for revisiting on a daily basis, 52meters, London; Future 50, Project Space Leeds (all 2008); Artfutures, Bloomberg Space, London; La Bomba IV, Rowly Kennerk Gallery, Chicago; All Hands on Deck, Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin; Last Show, Wilkinson Gallery, London (all 2007); Robert Orchardson and Aleksandra Mir, International Project Space, Birmingham (2006); Liquid Crystal, Lothringer 13, Stadtische Kunsthalle München, Munich; Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Cornerhouse, Manchester/ LOT, Bristol/ Barbican, London (2005).

Langue: Anglais
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